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About me

Breathwork has been the only healing modality to immediately alter my state of mind and body and is something that can be used both therapeutically and functionally in everyday life. I was hooked from the moment I finished my first session after feeling like I’d been transported so deeply into my body and further away from the stresses of the present.


As with many people working in this field, I came to this through my own experience of searching for something to help. I was overwhelmed by anxiety and indecision, in a career I knew I didn’t want to pursue but felt trapped and stagnant. I threw myself into all the healing practices including breathwork, therapy, cold water, manifestation, bioenergetics and journaling to make sense of how I was feeling. 

Breathwork gave me clarity, perspective and a pause to tune in to how I was really feeling, something so many of us never do. I was able to better integrate my emotional experiences, instil long-lasting change in my mindset and regulate my nervous system to get to a place where managing my anxiety and making changes in my life felt empowering and not impossible. A year later I had moved, left my job and started my breathwork facilitator training.

Why breathwork?

Our bodies are one connected organism and the breath is the baseline from which you can sustain equilibrium within the body and mind at any time of day.

So few people think about the way they breath and how it impacts their physical and mental health. I believe any dis-ease within the body should be acknowledged in the context of the entire person and their lifestyle, and breathwork offers a foundational practice upon which you can regulate your stress response and make room for deep transformational work that will manifest in your body and external world. 

The breathe is a bridge between the scientific and spiritual and I aim to make the sometimes more elusive areas of body and mind work feel accessible and practical. I’m passionate about integrating simple yet effective healing practices into our busy lives. Breathwork is a key pillar in reaching optimum physical and emotional health alongside nature, human connection, food, sleep and movement.



Increased Energy

Regulates the Nervous System

Better Resilience to Stress

Improved Respiratory Capacity

Boosted Immune Response


Alleviates Depression & Anxiety

Increased Clarity & Focus

Triggers a Deep Restful State

Enhanced Creativity

Clears Emotional Baggage


Deeper Intuitive Connection

Exploration of Self Trust

Creates Space for Growth

Fosters Safety Within the Body