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At the beginning of 2020, I felt completely lost and overwhelmed by anxiety. I was frozen with indecision and didn't know what to change in my life first. Along my journey of healing and self reflection I stumbled across a breathwork class and emerged thirty minutes later feeling more calm, content and embodied than any meditation or yoga practice had made me feel. 

I delved into exploring conscious connected breathing and found I was able to better integrate my emotional experiences, instil long-lasting change in my mindset and regulate my nervous system to get to a place where managing  my anxiety and making changes in my life felt empowering and not impossible. One year later I had moved, left my job and started my facilitator training.

I'm passionate about integrating simple yet effective healing and self-care practices into our busy lives and believe that breathwork is a key pillar in maintaining optimum physical and emotional health alongside nature, human connection, food, sleep and movement. I'm interested in exploring the bridge between the spiritual and scientific to make the sometimes more elusive areas of body and mind work feel accessible. 

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Wellbeing and self-care rhetoric can often be reductive, elusive and patronising, so I aim to offer accessible insights into the core topics and tools that I'm exploring on my own journey. Covering everything from therapy, self healing, embodiment, intuition, dealing with uncertainty and all of the practices that make our human experience a better one: meditation, breathwork, travel, yoga, swimming, food...the list goes on.

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