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A bespoke, holistic breathwork experience tailored to your needs and unique breath pattern. One-off sessions are 90 minutes including personal breath analysis as well as meditation and mindset work unique to your goals. 

Target specific concerns such as sleep, anxiety, processing a difficult life event, change, stress, manifesting a big goal, or use the space to explore your process. 





Deep Dive Coaching

I offer two coaching programmes which are tailored to different outcomes and symptoms that you may be wanting to resolve through breathwork.


GROUND, a four session programme focuses on creating the foundation of a functional, optimal breath. We will work together to increase your respiratory health and capacity to improve your day to day life.


EVOLVE, a six session programme, explores many styles of breathwork including Conscious Connected Breathwork. Create a strong optimal breath before moving into powerful, immersive, therapeutic practices to balance the emotional body.

Click the further information button below to see the details of my two coaching offers.


I offer fees on a sliding scale and tailored to different breathwork packages so please do book a free discovery call to chat with me further.

Online Group Breathwork

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Events & Workshops

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Breath with me

"I highly recommend trying breathwork with Tate, I was amazed at the positive impact it had on my wellbeing. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable and genuinely wanted to make sure I benefited from and got as much out of the sessions as possible. I looked forward to the sessions, it amazed me where my mind took me, it was carved out time just for me and I always came away feeling lifted, inspired and thoroughly relaxed. The biggest impact for me is that I have developed a new life skill to enable me to switch off and relax or see me through any difficult or uncomfortable situations or experiences in the future."


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