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Workplace Breathwork

In the UK the most common form of stress is work related. 

Instil change from the inside out and cultivate a more balanced, empowered workplace environment, ensuring your team feel supported in their physical and emotional wellbeing. Carve out space to pause, and equip them with the tools to create greater emotional resilience.

We cannot work in an efficient or positive way with an overworked nervous system. Our bodies need time in a deep rest state for optimum cellular and brain function and Breathwork is one of the quickest ways to hack our internal state.

I offer a workplace packages including a six week expansive and transformative programme combining functional breathing practices with therapeutic conscious Breathwork. This creates a strong respiratory foundation upon which we can then use the breath to clear the emotional body and regulate the nervous system.


Offerings can be adapted depending on your needs.

Get in touch to talk further about how we can best work together and to view my example programmes.

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