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Using the breath to balance mind and body

Your breath has the power to profoundly change the way you interact with yourself and the world around you, creating coherence within the nervous system and a space to acknowledge how it feels to be in your body, here and now.

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Increased energy

Regulates the nervous system

Better resilience to stress

Expanded respiratory capacity

Boosted immune response


Alleviates depression & anxiety

Increased clarity & focus

Triggers a deep restful state

Enhanced creativity

Clears emotional baggage


Deeper connection to self

Exploration of self rrust

Creates space for growth & internal change

Fosters safety within the body

Can foster creativity within altered states

Tate's breathwork sessions are beautifully considered, she was able to work with my personal intention to tailor the sessions and she some how made the experience both energising and calming. Having regular sessions over a number of weeks allowed me to really sink into the practice and integrate the breathwork between sessions.


Self care at it's most powerful, if you have bene thinking about breathwork, I would say do it!



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