A bespoke breathwork experience tailored to your needs and breath pattern. Sessions are 90 minutes including personal breath analysis, whilst weaving in meditation and mindset work unique to your goals. 

Target a specific concern such as sleep, anxiety, processing a difficult life event, change, stress, manifesting a big goal, or use the space to explore your process.

In-person sessions are available in Devon, Cornwall and London. I offer fees on a sliding scale and tailored to different breathwork packages so please do book a free discovery call to chat with me further.






Group Workshops

Experience the collective power of practicing breathwork with others.

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In the UK the most common form of stress is work related. 

Instil change from the ground up by cultivating a more balanced workplace environment, ensuring your team feel supported in their physical and emotional wellbeing.


Carve out space within your workplace for your team to pause and equip them with the tools to manage symptoms of stress and anxiety.

We cannot work in an efficient or positive way if our nervous system is unregulated. Our bodies need time in a deep rest state for optimum cellular and brain function.

I offer a range of corporate packages for workplace workshops. Please get in touch to find out more.



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"I highly recommend trying breathwork with Tate, I was amazed at the positive impact it had on my wellbeing. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable and genuinely wanted to make sure I benefited from and got as much out of the sessions as possible. I looked forward to the sessions, it amazed me where my mind took me, it was carved out time just for me and I always came away feeling lifted, inspired and thoroughly relaxed. The biggest impact for me is that I have developed a new life skill to enable me to switch off and relax or see me through any difficult or uncomfortable situations or experiences in the future."